my spy application becomes the best and also favorite spy mobile phone application. This is because this application has several features that can be supported that statement. As common spy mobile phone application, this great application also can be used to track and also monitor your target. This method becomes the best way to get access on some privacy phone activity. The first feature that this application has is monitoring phone and also text message activity. Those features can be the easiest way to monitor your target like your husband or children that being addicted with their gadget.

For text message tracking feature, they will serve you with great service. This is because you still get the text that already deleted by your target. This situation becomes the most common way to hide their cheat habitual behind you. But they will be surprised with this application because will send to you the deleted message. Another great my spy feature is controlling application and also program. This feature will help you to block or restrict some application and program from your target phone. This will be the best way to control your children phone usage that sometime has unnecessary habit. The advance era of gadget make some application can be boomerang for your children future.

It means that several applications can teach them unnecessarily thing like fighting and also pornography. By using that feature you can restrict some application and teach them to choose the best application for them. The next my spy application best feature is viewing multimedia files activity. This feature will send sign if your target take some pictures or record video. Some pornography risk can be those thing, photo and video. By knowing their files, you can give penalty or warning that those things are not good for them. Photo and also video can doctrine their mindset that can affected on their future.

Another my spy feature that can be your option is record surrounding feature. This feature will help you to record your target activity while you aren’t around them. This method will help you to get record that you need because some children do their daily activity in comfort if their parent go out. Remote control feature can be another great feature for you. This feature can be trusted to erase some data if your phone is lost. The erase option can save your company and also your family from some crime.

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